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2023 Pathfinder Award Ceremony
Dr. John Lewis
Wednesday, December 6th, Doors @ 6:30PM
Danish Canadian Club, 727 11 Ave SW, Calgary, AB


The 2023 PROSTAID Calgary recipient, Dr. John Lewis is an experienced scientist and entrepreneur, specializing in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), gene therapy, and nucleic acid delivery. John studied at The Scripps Research Institute in California and the University of Victoria where he received a biochemistry. John holds multiple titles, including Professor of Oncology and the Bird Dogs Chair in Translational Oncology at the University of Alberta.

The Alberta Cancer Foundation once referred to Dr. Lewis as a research rockstar. ResearchGate (a community of 20 million researchers from diverse sectors in over 190 countries) credit him with close to 250 publications and 5200 citations. He has been referred to as multitasker and a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder, CEO, or chief scientific officer of six spin-off companies, based in Edmonton, Seattle, and San Diego, developing treatments for cancer, infectious diseases, and age-related diseases.

He pioneered the use of intravital imaging in the in vivo study of tumor cell invasion and metastasis to discover key targets for cancer therapeutics. Dr. Lewis has also developed novel nanotechnology, nanoparticle drug delivery technologies, and imaging-based treatments for chronic diseases, such as aging and cancer, as well as for early detection of cancers.

Approximately 10 years ago he was one of the founders of the Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative (APCaRI). APCaRI brought together clinical researchers, clinical trial people, nurses, researchers, universities, biobanks, and commercial partners with the goal of building a world class provincial translational prostate cancer research and training program. In the lab from using tiny molecular glue and research with chicken embryos they’ve been able to make some major strides in prostate cancer research, and this was only just the beginning.

More recently Nanostics Precision Health, a company that he co-founded, has developed a novel platform technology to decipher information carried by tiny messengers called extracellular vesicles. This has allowed them to create a test called Clarity DX Prostate that diagnoses clinically significant prostate cancer from a few drops of blood and was recently fully validated in multiple studies.

It is our honour to recognize Dr. John Lewis as PROSTAID Calgary’s 2023 Pathfinder.

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