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Since 2008 PROSTAID Calgary has been recording and archiving their monthly meetings, conventions and special announcements on all things prostate cancer. From incontinence to insomnia, brachytherapy to bone health, and advocacy to active surveillance, we’ve been covering all the important topics surrounding the disease and the the lifestyle affects relevant to our membership. With around 15 years of news, stories and progress, our videos provide a great resource for those looking to know more about prostate cancer and what we’ve all done to treat, understand and thrive under its diagnosis.

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Below is a chronological ordering of all our videos with the most recent being displayed first. We meet once a month (find out more about our next meeting here) so check back often for updates, and you can also subscribe to us on YouTube to see our posts first thing when they launch. Click on any of the post titles to see the full page where you can stream the video directly from Prostaid.

Newest Video:

  • Vacuum Therapy for Penile Rehabilitation
    Bear Johal, the Co-founder and CEO of Osbon Medical Canada, joins us to discuss VEDs (Vacuum Erection Devices), how they work, how they compare to pills or other alternatives, and the advantages and disadvantages to different kinds of penile therapies.


  • Vacuum Therapy for Penile Rehabilitation
    Bear Johal, the Co-founder and CEO of Osbon Medical Canada, joins us to discuss VEDs (Vacuum Erection Devices), how they work, how they compare to pills or other alternatives, and the advantages and disadvantages to different kinds of penile therapies.
  • The Accidental Caregiver
    Dr. Lin Yang an Epidemiologist from the Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research, shares her studies of weight management and cancer. A tai chi exercise is also included with some new tips and techniques that you can incorporate into your own wellness workouts.
  • Is Prehabilitation the Answer?
    Dr. Lin Yang an Epidemiologist from the Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Research, shares her studies of weight management and cancer. A tai chi exercise is also included with some new tips and techniques that you can incorporate into your own wellness workouts.
  • Developing Clarity Through Research
    Our 2023 Pathfinder Award winner is Dr. John Lewis, a “research rockstar” who recently pioneered a new PSA Test using AI for enhanced precision called Clarity DX. Dr. Lewis accepts his award with a talk on how prostate cancer research has changed and evolved in the 7 years since we last spoke with him.
  • Exercise, Physical Activity & Living Well
    Julianna Dreger & Jocelyn Cannon from the Health & Wellness Lab at the U of C give us a “moving” talk about how exercise is a safe and beneficial practice at any stage of the cancer experience.
  • The Science Behind the Research
    Dr. Desmond Pink and Dr. Argo Basu of Nanostics Inc. share their groundbreaking work in prostate cancer screening which has led them to the creation of the ClarityDX Prostate test.
  • Remembering PROSTAID: 30 Years of Service
    On the year of its 30th anniversary, two of PROSTAID’s past-presidents and key figures, Ron Gorham and Bob Shiell, share their recollections of the organization, their journeys with prostate cancer and how far we’ve all come from 1993.
  • Molecular Platform for Prostate Cancer Patients in Alberta
    Dr. Tarek Bismar, from the School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, gives us an update on the molecular work he’s been doing with prostate cancer in his labs, and his hope for establishing a molecular platform for prostate cancer patients in Alberta.
  • Cultural Healing Practices
    Hal Eagletail of TsuuT’ina Nation visits us to discuss his culture’s traditional healing practices that can bring benefits to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike. Hal’s perspective on isolating cancer and the process behind it should help many see this disease, and how to treat it, in a new light.
  • Prostate Cancer Patient Empowerment Program
    Drs. Gabriela Ilie and Rob Rutledge from Dalhousie University out of Halifax join us to discuss their exciting research initiative that looks to help prostate cancer survivors empower themselves to take better care of themselves and benefit from their shared experiences. Learn more at their website
  • Treatment Intensification in Metastatic Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer
    PROSTAID Calgary’s 2022 Pathfinder Award went to Dr. Geoffrey Gotto, who presented on new research and innovations in metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer (MCSPC) that is leading to longer survival and greater quality of life in prostate cancer patients who do combinations of treatments to combat the cancer.
  • Managing Stress During a Cancer Journey
    Clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Calgary, Dr. Linda Carlson returns to PROSTAID to give us some strategies on how to deal with stress, including approaches to breathing and mindfulness. The talk ends with some meditative exercises that will be sure to calm you and give you a new understanding of Integrative Oncology.
  • Demystifying Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
    Safa Rahman, a pelvic health physiotherapist with Vesia, joins us to talk about pain, specifically in the pelvic floor and what we can do to mitigate the pain and to strengthen the muscles that control that area of the body. From your nerves to your bladder, Safa emphasizes a biopsychosocial approach to conquering pain and living a better life.
  • Dementia and the PREVENT Study
    Dr. Philip Barber, the Associate Professor of Neurology and Radiology at the University of Calgary, talks about the difference faces of dementia, the 9 different risk factors and the steps you can take to PREVENT the disease before it becomes untreatable. He also introduces a study where you could help us further understand dementia and what we can do to cure it in the future.
  • Being a Caregiver (when you didn’t plan on it)
    Don Wood is volunteer extraordinaire and the current co-chair for the Cancer Strategic Clinical Network (C-SCN) Alberta Cancer Diagnosis Initiative (ACDI) and a member of the Core SCN Committee for Alberta Health Services. After his wife passed away from a hard-fought battle with cancer, Don made it his mission to help others to try and make the health care world a better place for those who would come there after him.
  • MRI Guided Prostate Radiotherapy
    Radiation Oncologists from the Tom Baker Cancer Centre, Dr. Harvey Quon and Dr. Sangjune Lee come for a talk on new innovations in digital imaging, including real-time MRI workflows that allow for more accurate and customizable treatment of prostate cancer. They compare older capturing techniques and methodologies as they demonstrate how simulation, planning and delivery today are now much different and improved as Calgary welcomes their new Calgary Cancer Centre in 2023 to champion even further innovation.
  • Technology Meets Health Care
    University of Calgary professor Dr. Tom Keenan, author of the book “Technocreep: The Surrender of Privacy and the Capitalization of Intimacy”, talks with us for a special talk about how advancements in technology, from surveilling to nano health applications, will forever alter our communal landscape.
  • Optimizing Bone Health in Patients with Prostate Cancer
    Lori Styner and Dr. Mariko Shibata, both from Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre lead a discussion on how bones change as we age, what we can do to combat osteoporosis and low bone mass, how prostate cancer further weakens our bones and what we can do about it through diet, treatment and exercise.
  • Personalized Prostate Cancer Care
    University of Calgary’s Clinical Assistant Professor and Medical Oncologist Dr. Steven Yip gives a detailed presentation on a number of prostate cancer topics including: advanced prostate cancer management, precision oncology, DNA mutations as an indicator of PC, genetic testing to improve patient outcomes and much more.
  • Exercise, Physical Activity and Living Well
    Julianna Dreger and Mannat Bansal from University of Calgary’s Health and Wellness Lab join us to discuss the health benefits of exercise, creating an exercise plan and oncology programs available to Southern Albertans. They finish the session off with a live stretching and exercise session that you can follow along to online.
  • Erection Implants and Incontinence
    Calgary’s finest, urologist Dr. Richard Baverstock from the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology returns to Prostaid Calgary to talk about erectile and urinary dysfunction solutions in 2021. From medications to injections to surgical options, Dr. Baverstock talks about the pros and cons about each method and how they affect quality of life. Candid, funny and caring, Baverstock gives a great talk and a spirited Q & A afterwards.
  • Hearing Health in 2021
    Carrie Scarff, PhD of Audiology Innovations gives us all an earful on hearing loss – how it happens, who it affects most and the things we can do today to improve how we listen. She recommends hearing aids, best practices and new innovations that are changing how those with hearing loss are better able to communicate in today’s digital world. A spirited Q&A follows.
  • Update on Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer
    Tarek Bismar, MD, Professor of Pathology at the University of Calgary and Alberta Precision labs joins us again for an update on new research Dr. Bismar and has team have been undertaking to help us predict disease progression in the active surveillance population.
  • Mental Wellness During the Pandemic
    Dr. Dana Male, a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary joins us to talk about mental health and the steps to take to be thinking positive and feel good about yourself during more challenging times like our current situation during COVID-19. Asserting yourself and infesting in your well-being are the takeaways, along with a lively Zoom chat that follows.
  • Energetics in Cancer Prevention and Survivorship
    Dr. Lin Yang, Epidemiologist for the Department of Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Control at Alberta Health Services speaks on how exercise, and even something as simple as balance, has shown significant results in longer lives and containing cancer. She talks specifically about Tai Chi, with a demonstration midway through to help us all see how mindfulness and balance are the first steps towards living healthier lives.
  • Patients as Partners in Cancer Research
    Live from Zoom PROSTAID Calgary brings you a special presentation with Dr. Colleen Cuthbert, assistant professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary, as she charts the history of research participation, how patient involvement has evolved and how with new techniques and approaches we can learn more about fighting prostate cancer now than ever before.
  • Women for Men’s Health
    Dr. Shelley Spaner, a specialist in diagnostic radiology at Mayfair Diagnostics is awarded Prostaid Calgary’s Pathfinder’s Award for 2019 in this special presentation. Afterwards, Dr. Spaner gives a talk about her work on the Women for Men’s Health initiative.
  • Cancer and Aging: Move More and Sit Less
    Dr. Lin Yang reminds us how exercise is important for cancer suppression but actually gives a lot of measured and interesting scientific data to show the why and how it helps. She talks about how aging is less a number and more a lifestyle choice and how long and healthy lives can come by practicing a few specific mantras, like Tai Chi.
  • Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapeutic Targeting
    Dr. Bismar is currently a Professor at the University of Calgary and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Oncology at McGill University. For this talk he gives us an update on the innovations and processes used to diagnose, treat and target prostate cancer cells using the most acronyms you’re likely ever to see. A lively debate follows in the Q&A section about the worth and value of PSA testing and more.
  • Studies in Metastases: Or How Chickens Help Fight Prostate Cancer
    Desmond Pink, Ph.D. is the Chief Science Officer at Nanostics Inc. and as a Research Associate at the Dr. John Lewis Laboratory of oncology at the University of Alberta, him and his team are doing sophisticated testings to study just how cancer spreads. Studying chicken embryos can tell us about the development and metastasis of tumor growth and how we can image it and potentially we can fight it.
  • Recent Advances in Prostate Cancer Treatment
    Prostaid Calgary Director Saif Lalani looks at today’s changing landscape for prostate cancer treatment with a deeper look at the following treatments: Darolutamide, Xofigo/Radium 223, and Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA), their qualities and their availability today in Canada and beyond.
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
    Dr. Linda Watson, the Scientific Director of Applied Research for Alberta Health Services speaks on Integrating Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO’s) into Ambulatory Care Processes in Cancer Control Alberta (CCA). She talks about the reality of health care in Alberta, how to get better outcomes for patients and how PRO tools can help us all advance the way we do health care.
  • Prostate Images: An Update with Mayfair Diagnostics
    Shelley Spaner, Grace Yeung, Brendan Diederichs from Mayfair Diagnostics join PROSTAID Calgary this month for an update on where prostate imaging is in 2019 and how far it has come in the last 3 years. Brendan updates the audience on the Brand New 3Tesla Magnet at the Rockyview General Hospital and talks about its new features. Grace reviews the targeted biopsy program and Shelley reviews the updated literature on Imaging in Active Surveillance and patients in treatment. A detailed Q & A follows.
  • Gary Bobrovitz on his Journey with Prostate Cancer
    Celebrated news reporter and power lifter Gary Bobrovitz talks about his early diagnosis of prostate cancer at 49 years of age and how it impacted his life, reminding us that knowledge and action are the two most important things we can all use to combat the disease and live a long and healthy life.
  • Travel Insurance with Prostate Cancer
    Pam Murray from AMA Travel gives a frank and knowledgeable discussion about traveling nationally and abroad and what you’re covered for, and what you’re not, when you’re getting insurance. She also talks about dealing with the complications of having prostate cancer, or other ailments, that could effect how you get coverage.
  • My PhD in Prostate Cancer
    Renowned philanthropist and Calgary engineer and businessman W. Brett Wilson returns to PROSTAID Calgary to give us an update on his journey with prostate cancer. Since he last spoke with us his cancer had returned, and he talks at length about his treatment modalities and his focus on positivity and knowledge during times of struggle. There are some laughs, some hushed truths and a few F-bombs along the way in this transformative talk.
  • Experiences from a Survivor
    Successful businessman and philanthropist W. Brett Wilson discusses his experiences with prostate cancer with a focus on a positive mental attitude and a take charge methodology. He’s frank about his radiation treatment and general insights on treatment of the disease.