[-] Women for Mens Health

Event Date:
March 10, 2020
Dr. Shelley Spaner
27:08 minutes
Dr. Shelley Spaner, a specialist in diagnostic radiology at Mayfair Diagnostics is awarded Prostaid Calgary’s Pathfinder’s Award for 2019 in this special presentation. Afterwards, Dr. Spaner gives a talk about her work on the Women for Men’s Health initiative. Motivated by the visible gap in the current system, which frequently sees men “fall through the healthcare cracks” the primary goal is to shift men’s behaviour towards preventing treatable disease and maintaining good health, as well as mobilizing women in this effort. Dr. Spaner talks about her initiative’s progress and her outlook for the future of prostate cancer treatment in Calgary and beyond.

[+] Cancer and Aging: Move More and Sit Less

[+] Diagnosis, Prognosis and Theraputic Targeting

[+] Studies in Metastases: Or How Chickens Help Fight Prostate Cancer

[+] Recent Advances in Prostate Cancer Treatment

[+] Patient Reported Outcomes

[+] Prostate Images: An Update with Mayfair Diagnostics

[+] Gary Bobrovitz on his Personal Journey with Prostate Cancer

[+] Travel Insurance with Prostate Cancer

[+] Surgical Treatments for Prostate Cancer in Calgary

[+] Prostaid Calgary PCRI Report 2018

[+] Hearing Loss and Hearing Care

[+] Wellspring Calgary Update

[+] Calgary Meals on Wheels

[+] Prostate Cancer Research – Making a Difference!

[+] TrueNTH Lifestyle Management 2018 Update

[+] Cancer Survivorship Symposium 2018: Alberta Political Panel

[+] Cancer Survivorship Symposium 2018: Movember Foundation

[+] Cancer Survivorship Symposium 2018: The Hope, Hype and Reality of Precision Oncology

[+] Cancer Survivorship Symposium 2018: The Changing Landscape of Advanced and Metastatic Prostate Cancer

[+] Cancer Survivorship Symposium 2018: Yoga Health and Wellness

[+] Medical Marijuana 101

[+] Healthy Sex After Prostate Cancer

[+] Defining your Legacy: Wills and Estate Planning

[+] Cancer Drug Pathways

[+] Sugar and Cancer

[+] Imaging and Prostate Cancer

[+] Sexuality after Prostate Cancer, Part II

[+] Fitness and Health are Priceless

[+] Mindfulness and Cancer

[+] Prostate Cancer Survivors Moving More in Alberta

[+] The PRIME Study

[+] Personal Penile Prosthesis

[+] Prostate Cancer: New Trends in Prevention, Screening and Management

[+] Ease – Personal Health Navigator

[+] 2016 PCRI Conference Findings

[+] My PhD in Prostate Cancer

[+] Estate Planning

[+] Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection in Prostate Cancer

[+] Crush Your Stresss

[+] Open Arms Patient Advocacy

[+] Therapy and Surgical Management for Incontinence and Impotence

[+] My Prostate Cancer Forecast

[+] Alberta Prostate Cancer Research Initiative (APCaRI)

[+] Salvage Brachytherapy

[+] A Personal Journey and Thoughts on the 2015 PCRI Conference

[+] Data Mining and Network Analysis to find PC Biomarkers

[+] Advanced Care Planning and Palliative Care

[+] Blood Biomarkers in the Management of PC

[+] Advanced Prostate Cancer

[+] Spotlight on Sleep

[+] Living Better Through Laughter

[+] Cancer Survivorship Symposium: Exercise and Cancer Survivorship

[+] Cancer Survivorship Symposium: Gender, Health and Cancer

[+] Cancer Survivorship Symposium: A Survivors Journey

[+] Cancer Survivorship Symposium: Cancer Metastasis – Can We Predict the Future?

[+] Cancer Survivorship Symposium: Yoga Passage

[+] Cancer Survivorship Symposium Introduction

[+] Prostate Cancer: From Awareness to Understanding to Action

[+] Living Your Best Life While on Androgen Deprivation Therapy

[+] Sexuality after Prostate Cancer

[+] Physical Activity for Prostate Cancer Survivors

[+] Personal Learnings from the 2014 PCRI Conference

[+] New Drugs in the Prostate Cancer Clinic

[+] Prostate Cancer in a Family Medical Practice

[+] Research on Advanced Prostate Cancer

[+] Imaging of Prostate Cancer

[+] Enhancing Our Lives with Kerby Centre

[+] Rapid Access Clinics I-VI at the Prostate Cancer Centre

[+] A Lifeline to Cancer Support

[+] The 20-Year History & Future of PCCN Calgary

[+] What Men Wont Talk About…and Women Need to Know

[+] Exercise for Men with Prostate Cancer

[+] Role of Mindfulness in Cancer Recovery

[+] Update on 2013 PCRI Conference

[+] Update on Prostate Cancer Research

[+] The Enemy Within Film Screening Event

[+] The Enemy Within

[+] Prostate Cancer and Bone Health

[+] New Recommendations from Prostate Cancer Canada

[+] Men Talking to Men about Prostate Cancer

[+] What’s New in Advanced PC Research

[+] Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

[+] National Cancer Survivor Day

[+] Sleep Well Tonight

[+] PCRI Prostate Cancer Conference Report 2012

[+] Integrated Cancer Therapies

[+] Estate Administration and Tax Planning

[+] Surgical Options for Erectile Dysfunction and Incontinence

[+] Prostate Cancer Update 2012

[+] Robotic Surgery and What is Next

[+] Radiation Therapy

[+] An Introduction to Access Through Movement

[+] Nutrition & Eating Healthy

[+] Intimacy is the Secret

[+] Rediscovering Sex After Prostate Cancer

[+] Overcoming the Effects of Androgen Deprivation Therapy

[+] Cancer Organizations in Calgary

[+] PCRI 2011 Conference Report

[+] An Evening of Gratitude

[+] Tales From New York

[+] Updates on Urinary Incontinence

[+] Breast Cancer Survivor Story

[+] Surviving to Thriving: The Physiology

[+] Physical Activity in Cancer Prevention & Control

[+] Building Community Resources & How to Get Moving Today!

[+] Prostate Cancer Survivor Story

[+] Yoga for Cancer Survivors

[+] Southern Alberta Institute of Urology

[+] New Developments in the Treatment of PC

[+] Myths, Misconceptions & Misinformation with PC

[+] A Short Message from the Prostate Cancer Centre

[+] Satisfying Sex After Prostate Cancer

[+] Urinary Incontinence

[+] Insomnia and Cancer

[+] Inhibiting Cancer with Diet

[+] Healing Touch Self Care

[+] Erectile Dysfunction

[+] Fad Diets & Dietary Supplements from A to Z Preview

[+] Healing and Spirituality

[+] Nutrition and Prostate Cancer

[+] Robotic Assisted Radical Prostatectomy

[+] Complementary Therapies

[+] What’s New with Prostate Cancer in Southern Alberta

[+] Brachytherapy at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre

[+] Healthy Exercise

[+] Reaching Life Goals

[+] Laughter: The 2nd Best Medicine

[+] Urinary Incontinence

[+] Erectile Dysfunction

[+] Active Surveillance

[+] Incontinence

[+] Stroke Information

[+] CPCN Conference – The Importance of Medical Concepts & PC

[+] CPCN Conference – Living Well with PC

[+] CPCN Conference – Perspective on an Aging World

[+] CPCN Conference – HIFU or HYPE-U?

[+] CPCN Conference – Penile Rehabilitation after Radical Prostatectomy

[+] CPCN Conference – Women and Prostate Cancer

[+] Experiences with HIFU

[+] Wellspring Calgary

[+] Information Needs about Prostate Surgery

[+] Experiences from a Survivor

[+] The DaVinci Robot