December 2021

Includes: Year in Review, 2022 Speakers Preview, Message from the President, Surgery for Very High Risk to Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer, New Drug Delivery Could Significantly Improve Treatment Outcomes for Prostate Cancer, Who Needs Germline Testing, Videos of Interest, and more!

Technology Meets Health Care

University of Calgary professor Dr. Tom Keenan, author of the book “Technocreep: The Surrender of Privacy and the Capitalization of Intimacy”, talks with us for a special talk about how advancements in technology, from surveilling to nano health applications, will forever alter our communal landscape.

November 2021

Includes: Guest Speaker Tom Keenan, Nominate Prostaid for Charity Prize, Clinical Trials at Prostate Cancer Centre, Radiotherapy or Surgery?, Learning and Decisions-Making in Men with Localized Prostate Cancer, Impact of Family History on Oncological Outcomes, Videos of Interest, and more!

Optimizing Bone Health in Patients with Prostate Cancer

Lori Styner and Dr. Mariko Shibata, both from Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Centre lead a discussion on how bones change as we age, what we can do to combat osteoporosis and low bone mass, how prostate cancer further weakens our bones and what we can do about it through diet, treatment and exercise.

October 2021

Includes:  Guest Speaker Lori Styner, Notes from the European Society of Medical Oncology Annual Congress, Wellbeing Pilot Study, Mediating Effect of Depression on Relationships for Patients with Cancer, Psychological Impact of COVID-19, Research Participants with mCRPC needed, and more videos, links and articles of interest.

Personalized Prostate Cancer Care

University of Calgary’s Clinical Assistant Professor and Medical Oncologist Dr. Steven Yip gives a detailed presentation on a number of prostate cancer topics including: advanced prostate cancer management, precision oncology, DNA mutations as an indicator of PC, genetic testing to improve patient outcomes and much more.

Exercise, Physical Activity and Living Well

Julianna Dreger and Mannat Bansal from University of Calgary’s Health and Wellness Lab join us to discuss the health benefits of exercise, creating an exercise plan and oncology programs available to Southern Albertans. They finish the session off with a live stretching and exercise session that you can follow along to online.

Erection Implants and Incontinence

Calgary’s finest, urologist Dr. Richard Baverstock from the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology returns to Prostaid Calgary to talk about erectile and urinary dysfunction solutions in 2021. From medications to injections to surgical options, Dr. Baverstock talks about the pros and cons about each method and how they affect quality of life. Candid, funny and caring, Baverstock gives a great talk and a spirited Q & A afterwards.

May 2021

Includes: Guest Speaker Dr. Carrie Scarff, David’s Story, Loss of LDAH associated with prostate cancer and hearing loss, Newly Diagnosed and General Articles of Interest, Educational Video Links, and more!

Hearing Health in 2021

Carrie Scarff, PhD of Audiology Innovations gives us all an earful on hearing loss – how it happens, who it affects most and the things we can do today to improve how we listen. She recommends hearing aids, best practices and new innovations that are changing how those with hearing loss are better able to communicate in today’s digital world. A spirited Q&A follows.