July 2023

Includes: Making a personalized list of health/medical info, Treatment intensification in advanced prostate cancer lags behind data, New guidelines for early detection, and more!

June 2022

Includes: Guest Speaker Bob Molle bio, Remembering Stewart Campbell, AGM Door Prize, Relationship between PSA and Testosterone levels in Men, Impact of Next Generation Imaging, Patients with metastatic prostate cancer living significantly longer, Canadian Cancer Survivor Network survey, and more!

March 2022

Includes: The PREVENT Study, Dr. Philip Barber bio, our first OPEN MIC NIGHT, PROpel Suggests Adding Olaparib to Abi-raterone Improves Outcomes, Risk vs. Benefit for Active Surveillance for Patients with Intermediate-Risk Disease, and more!

February 2022

Includes: Could More Testosterone Be the Hidden Key to Fighting Prostate Cancer?, Don Wood bio, How Much Should You Eat?, Caregivers and Cancer, ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit, Canadian Clinical Trials, Articles of Interest, Video links, and more!

Diagnosis, Prognosis and Therapeutic Targeting

Dr. Bismar is currently a Professor at the University of Calgary and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Oncology at McGill University. For this talk he gives us an update on the innovations and processes used to diagnose, treat and target prostate cancer cells using the most acronyms you’re likely ever to see. A lively debate follows in the Q&A section about the worth and value of PSA testing and more.

Studies in Metastases: Or How Chickens Help Fight Prostate Cancer

Desmond Pink, Ph.D. is the Chief Science Officer at Nanostics Inc. and as a Research Associate at the Dr. John Lewis Laboratory of oncology at the University of Alberta, him and his team are doing sophisticated testings to study just how cancer spreads. Studying chicken embryos can tell us about the development and metastasis of tumor growth and how we can image it and potentially we can fight it.

Recent Advances in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostaid Calgary Director Saif Lalani looks at today’s changing landscape for prostate cancer treatment with a deeper look at the following treatments: Darolutamide, Xofigo/Radium 223, and Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA), their qualities and their availability today in Canada and beyond.

Patient Reported Outcomes

Dr. Linda Watson, the Scientific Director of Applied Research for Alberta Health Services speaks on Integrating Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO’s) into Ambulatory Care Processes in Cancer Control Alberta (CCA). She talks about the reality of health care in Alberta, how to get better outcomes for patients and how PRO tools can help us all advance the way we do health care.